Best Clarinet For Small Hands

Best Clarinet for Small Hands: Top Picks and Buying Guide

When it comes to playing the clarinet, finding the right instrument that fits comfortably in your hands is crucial.

For those with small hands, it can be a challenge to find a clarinet that is both playable and comfortable.

However, there are clarinets on the market that are specifically designed for players with small hands.

One of the main considerations when choosing a clarinet for small hands is the size of the instrument.

Some clarinets have a larger bore or longer key spacing, which can make it difficult for players with smaller hands to reach all of the keys comfortably.

Additionally, the weight of the instrument can also be a factor, as a heavier clarinet can be more difficult to hold and play for extended periods of time.

Fortunately, there are several clarinets available that are designed with smaller hands in mind.

These instruments typically have a smaller bore and key spacing, making it easier for players with small hands to reach all of the keys.

They may also be lighter in weight, making them more comfortable to hold and play for longer periods of time.

By choosing a clarinet that is specifically designed for small hands, players can ensure that they are able to play comfortably and achieve their full potential on the instrument.

Choosing the Best Clarinet for Small Hands

When selecting a clarinet, it is important to consider the size of the player’s hands.

For those with small hands, certain features can make playing more comfortable and efficient.

This section will discuss some of the key factors to consider when choosing the best clarinet for small hands.

Thumb Rests

The thumb rest is an essential component of any clarinet, as it provides support for the player’s right thumb.

For those with small hands, it is important to choose a clarinet with a thumb rest that is located in a comfortable position.

Some clarinets come with adjustable thumb rests, which can be moved to accommodate different hand sizes.

Others have fixed thumb rests that may be too far away or too close for small hands.

Adjustable Thumb Rests

An adjustable thumb rest can be a valuable feature for players with small hands.

This allows the player to customize the position of the thumb rest to fit their hand size and shape.

Some adjustable thumb rests can be moved horizontally or vertically, while others can be rotated to different angles.

It is important to choose a clarinet with an adjustable thumb rest that is easy to adjust and stays securely in place during play.

Key Work

The key work on a clarinet can also affect how comfortable it is to play for those with small hands.

Some clarinets have keys that are spaced closer together, making it easier for players with smaller hands to reach and operate them.

Other clarinets have larger keys that may be more difficult to manipulate for players with small hands.

It is important to try out different clarinets to see which key work feels most comfortable and natural.

Clarinet Brands Made For Those With Small Hands

Here are some brands of clarinets that are known for making models suitable for small hands:

  1. Yamaha: Yamaha offers a range of clarinets, including models with adjustable thumb rests and key mechanisms designed to accommodate smaller hand sizes.
  2. Buffet Crampon: Buffet Crampon produces clarinets that cater to players with smaller hands. Their “Prodige” and “E12F” models are particularly popular among younger or smaller-handed players.
  3. Selmer: Selmer offers various clarinet models, and some of them feature adjustable mechanisms to accommodate smaller hands. Their “CL301” and “CL211” models are often recommended for players with smaller hands.
  4. Jupiter: Jupiter manufactures clarinets with adjustable thumb rests and ergonomic key designs. Their “JCL-700N” and “JCL-1100N” models are suitable for players with smaller hands.
  5. Backun: Backun is known for producing high-quality clarinets, and they offer a model called “Alpha” that features adjustable keywork to suit different hand sizes.
  6. Leblanc: Leblanc produces clarinets suitable for smaller hands. Their “Bliss” series, designed in collaboration with renowned clarinetist Julian Bliss, includes models that are ideal for younger players or those with smaller hand spans.

It’s important for players with smaller hands to try out different clarinet models and consult with a knowledgeable music professional or teacher to find the best fit. Individual preferences and comfort vary, so it’s advisable to test different clarinets before making a final decision.

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