Clarinets Rose Gold Keys

Clarinets With Rose Gold Keys: A Stylish and Upgrade

Clarinets with rose gold keys are becoming increasingly popular among professional musicians and serious students alike.

The combination of the warm, rich tone of the clarinet with the luxurious appearance of rose gold creates an instrument that is both visually and sonically stunning.

Many top manufacturers such as Backun, Buffet Crampon, and Royal Global are now offering clarinets with rose gold keys as an option.

These instruments often feature high-quality materials such as aged grenadilla wood, smooth-playing rose gold-plated keys, and blue steel springs that provide smooth and accurate key movement.

Clarinets with rose gold keys are available in a range of prices and configurations to suit different budgets and playing styles.

Whether you are a professional clarinetist looking for a high-end instrument or a student seeking an upgrade, a clarinet with rose gold keys may be worth considering.

Not only do they offer a unique and eye-catching aesthetic, but they also provide a warm and expressive sound that can enhance any performance.

With so many options available, it’s important to do your research and choose a clarinet with rose gold keys that meets your specific needs and preferences.

What are Clarinets with Rose Gold Keys?

Clarinets with rose gold keys are a type of clarinet that feature rose gold-plated keys.

These keys are a popular choice for both student and professional clarinets due to their unique appearance and sonic capabilities.

The rose gold plating on the keys provides a warm, rich tone that is highly sought after by clarinet players.

These instruments are available in both wooden and synthetic materials, making them suitable for a wide range of players.

The rose gold plating on the keys also adds to the instrument’s visual appeal, making it a popular choice for players who want an instrument that looks as good as it sounds.

Morrie Backun, an authorized dealer of clarinets with rose gold keys, is known for his exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

His clarinets are highly regarded by professionals and students alike, and are known for their exceptional tone and intonation.

Benefits of Rose Gold Keys

The rose gold plated keys on a clarinet not only look beautiful but also offer several benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of having rose gold keys on a clarinet:


Rose gold is a precious metal that holds its value well over time.

Investing in a clarinet with rose gold keys can be a wise decision as it may hold its value better than a clarinet with standard keys.

This is especially true if the instrument is well-maintained and cared for.


Rose gold is known for its resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, making it an ideal material for keys on a clarinet.

The humidity from a player’s breath can cause standard keys to tarnish over time, but rose gold keys are less susceptible to this type of damage.

Additionally, some clarinets with rose gold keys come with a Boveda 2-way humidity control system to help regulate the moisture levels in the instrument.

Clarinets with Rose Gold Keys

When it comes to clarinets with rose gold keys, there are several brands available on the market.

  1. Backun Protege “Cocobolo Rose Gold”: Backun, a renowned clarinet manufacturer, has offered a limited edition Protege model with cocobolo wood body and rose gold-plated keys. This combination provides a unique visual appeal to the instrument.
  2. Yamaha Custom SEVR “Rose Gold”: Yamaha occasionally releases special edition clarinets, and there have been instances where the Custom SEVR model featured rose gold-plated keys. These editions are typically limited in production and may have specific distribution.
  3. Selmer Privilege “Rose Gold”: Selmer, another reputable clarinet brand, has produced limited edition Privilege models with rose gold-plated keys. These instruments offer a distinctive look with their combination of grenadilla wood and rose gold accents.

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